AIDS Remission


1) The CD4 Restoration Protocol is a natural resource program for assisting in the recovery from HIV, ARC and AIDS.

2) It is comprised of recommendations for changes in the diet, the elimination of several substances and behaviors harmful to the body, the use of two products during the four (4) month program, and the continued use of two products for post program maintenance.

3) Except for a $25.00 shipping charge, the first month of the program is free (no charge) to assist in determining the usefulness of the program. Most improvements having to do with how someone feels and looks occur during the first month.

4) The cost is $150 U.S. for each of the three paid months of the program for a total of $450.00 plus any applicable sales tax and shipping.

5) The balance of the program is guaranteed on a money back basis to make a difference as defined by the user.

6) Part of the program includes references to techniques which can be learned to support the users ability to discern the truth from any falsehood by merely making declarative statements and testing the truth of the statement by using an applied kinesiological testing technique challenging the strength of a muscle of the body. This ability and technique has been documented in over 20 years of scientific studies.

7) The correct use of these techniques can lead to the user developing the ability to become completely autonomous, that is, independent from another persons advice. The individual elements of the CD4 program may then be tested by a prospective user of the program to discern the ability of any individual element or the totality of the program to be effective or not, even before using the program.

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