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  1. The AIDS Home Page
  2. AIDS... Simple Truths.
  3. Disclosure Statement.
  4. HIV Does Not Cause AIDS: Review of Medical Literature by Dr. Albayati.
  5. Qualifications for Utilizing the CD4 Restoration Protocol
  6. Initial Questions and Answers.
  7. CD4 Protocol Letter
  8. Introduction to the CD4 Restoration Protocol.
  9. HowTo Determine The Truth About Anything.
  10. Details of Kinesiologic Testing. What to do.
  11. What Makes the Body Healthy?
  12. What contributes to the Disease process?
  13. Natural Power vs. Unnatural Force
  14. Curing Disease...the simple truth.
  15. Important General Recommendations.
  16. Things To Avoid.
  17. The Don't Do List... Absolutely Eliminate From The Diet.
  18. Products To Use.
  19. Product Overview.
  20. To Do Every Day - Which Of Two Programs To Utilize?
  21. Recommendations for Infants and Children.
  22. To Do The First Month.
  23. To Do The Second Month.
  24. To Do The Third Month.
  25. To Do The Fourth Month
  26. To Do The Fifth Month And Thereafter.
  27. Program Guarantee & Lab Tests.
  28. Program Costs.
  29. Questions & Answers
  30. CD4 Protocol Summary
  31. Registration Information
  32. Who is Lifestar... the art of healing?
  33. Founders Statement
  34. Disclaimer & Legal Notices.

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