Aids Remission

Registration Instructions


• Email questions here:

Register with Lifestar: All information is treated confidentially and secured.

• Call Lifestar at 877 793-4191 between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday Pacific Standard Time to register. State you want to register for the CD4 Restoration Program, and be prepared to give your name, address and phone number. Also needed will be the date you were diagnosed as HIV positive.

To have any of your questions answered, ask for the CD4 Program Director.

Qualifications for Utilizing the CD4 Restoration Protocol.

Provide (as best you can) to Lifestar by postal mail the following:

  1. Your full name, mailing address and phone number.
  2. A brief history of your experience since being diagnosed HIV positive.
  3. A valid copy of a dated laboratory test indicating HIV positive status. (includes the laboratory name)
  4. Valid copies of all related dated lab tests indicating, at a minimum, information on CBC, CD4, CD8, and HIV Viral load.
  5. Whether or not you have used AZT and/or antiviral, protease inhibitors and/or other prescription drugs iincluding glucocorticoids.
  6. If applicable, a list of prescription drugs and dosages currently being used and the start dates, and/or prescription drugs and dosages having been utilized in the past, and the approximate start and stop dates.
  7. A personal statement signed by you that you:
    1. Understand how the program works.
    2. Understand the program guarantee.
    3. Agree to follow the program recommendations as best you can.

Mail the requested information to:

Lifestar ...the art of healing

P.O. Box 3837

Sedona, Arizona, 86340

Attention: CD4 Program Director.

You will be contacted by telephone or mail within a short time if the registration and qualifications have been met.