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Q) Do the truth testing techniques really work?

A) Yes, but like riding a bicycle, it takes practice to master the ability. The biggest hurdle is patience in trusting the process and practicing enough to develop an intuitive sense of how it works. That comes in time, and in time you'll find the techniques invaluable in your daily life. From shopping for food that is beneficial for your body and not harmful in any way, choosing a meal from a menu in a restaurant to the best routes to take on a trip. Use your imagination and you will come up with the appropriate way to use it for your specific needs. For some people it comes naturally and for others a little practice is needed, and for all a little patience brings it own reward.

Q) What is the Lifestar CD4 Restoration Protocol?

A) The Lifestar CD4 Restoration Protocol is a comprehensive resource system to support the body's innate ability to naturally restore itself to a state of health.

Q) How does it work?

A) It works in several ways.

  1. By raising ones consciousness regarding the disease process.
  2. By making distinctions how one may be contributing to the disease process and can choose to participate in the healing process.
  3. By minimizing major denatured foods, and behaviors that interfere with the naturally healthy state of the body.
  4. By providing naturally derived food nutrients not typically found in the average diet that address specific nutritional and energetic needs of the body.

Q) What results does the body produce on the Protocol?

A) The primary result is the T4 cells, specifically the CD4’s eject the “human immunodeficiency virus” and prevent it from reentering the cell. There are numerous other supportive responses seen which include increased liver function, and natural increases in energy, a greater sense of well being and an increase in cellular Glutathione levels.

If someone has NOT TAKEN AZT or other forms of traditional AIDS treatments including glucocorticoids , we see full recovery from final stage AIDS within 30 days with CD4's being restored to normal levels on an average of 15-25% per month.

If someone has taken AZT and Protease Inhibitors, especially glucocorticoids, the CD4's can remain low for 6 to 12 months or longer as a result of extensive damage to the body from use of the drugs. Putting anything in the body that is harmful is not consistent with helping the body heal.

Q) What observable changes can be noted during this time?

A) There can be a significant increase in the viral load in the blood within the first few weeks, which will stay high until the body begins to clear the virus and viral particles out of the blood over a period of a few months.

Q) How soon are results observed or measured?

A) Observable results can typically be seen in less than two weeks and some measurable changes in the blood occurring within the first 10 days.

Q) Is the CD4 Restoration Protocol a drug?

A) No. It is a food supplement system derived entirely from natural sources.

Q) Does it have any side effects?

A) No known side effects, or contraindications.

Q) How long did it take to develop the Protocol?

A) Aspects of the Protocol began almost ten years ago and the current complex was completed in 2002.

Q) Can pharmaceutical drugs be taken at the same time as the Protocol?

A) They can be, however in our experience the drugs interfere with the body's natural ability to mediate its own recovery in a timely way. For instance, if no AZT and/or antiviral pharmaceutical drugs (especially glucocorticoids) have been used prior to using the Protocol, the time in which the restoration occurs is substantially shorter.

Q) How long does the Protocol need to be taken?

A) Usually for four months and then a relatively inexpensive maintenance program is used to keep the individual symptom free.

Q) Why is a maintenance program needed?

A) A maintenance program is necessary to insure that specific nutrients that are not typically available in people's diets are available to the body in amounts the body can use to effectively remain symptom free from HIV.

Q) Is the Protocol a cure?

A) No. We believe that no "thing" outside the body knows how to cure anything inside the body. Only the body knows how to cure, heal, fix, repair, and maintain itself according to its many needs. Anything from outside the body is either treated as a resource to be used appropriately by the body, a dangerous intrusion to respond immunologically to, or a benign substance to be simply eliminated by natural means from the body.

Q) So what do “drugs” do?

A) We believe that drugs interfere with and or suppress symptoms and by their very nature, do not address the cause of the symptom and all to frequently make matters worse in misunderstood ways.

Q) So why don't the drug companies produce natural substances to help with the problem?

A) We believe the drug companies can't afford for people to be healthy.

Q) Do you have any scientific studies?

A) There are non-published scientific studies and video documentation of results with children and adults. The evidence supporting this approach to recovery from HIV will be presented in due time. The evidence supporting the dangers of using prescription drugs for the treatment of AIDS is extensive as well as their use being the primary contributor to the symptoms of AIDS.

Q) Why isn't this Protocol in widespread use or on the news?

A) There currently exists a substantial belief held by the HIV/AIDS, traditional medical, television and print media, political and educational communities that the solution for HIV will come entirely out of the traditional scientific community in its current exclusive use of man made drugs “mentality”. This “point-of-view” limits what is acceptable to the general public and what the public also believes. Substantial television advertising on the four major television news networks in the United States by the large pharmaceutical companies for products that no one can buy with out a prescription speaks volumes as to the influence these companies have over public opinion. Essentially, the television advertising of drugs has become an effective educational tool that dictates, to the exclusion of alternatives, what is available for the average person to address their health problems, and that the solution for their health problems will come only from the pharmaceutical industry.

The truth is, none of these drugs actually address the cause of the health problem, they suppress the symptom and that is what the business is about. Present laws in most states restrict what a doctor can do and what tools to use to address health challenges to their patients. Deviation from these state and local medical board rules can result in peer condemnation and retribution, to state prosecution in court, the loss of a doctors medical license, their source of income and possibly their very freedom.

The CD4 Protocol or a version of it will eventually be in widespread use. Plans to implement a program version of this is already underway. This program is not the only solution to the problem as there are other solutions available also.

Q) Is this Protocol available for large scale humanitarian use?

A) There have been and are ongoing small scale humanitarian programs in application today using an aspect of the CD4 Protocol. Eventually, as a result of current planning, the largest program will be humanitarian and implemented on a global scale in a way that hopefully no child or adult will be left out due to program or product costs. This of course will reveal the political will of those who have personal interests at odds with such a program. Widespread malnutrition will have to be addressed in order to resolve the major underlying contributor to these kinds of health challenges.

Q) Do you believe such a program will succeed?

A) It will not be limited by a “belief” in it. Such a program will eventually succeed because its a small part of the beginning of a total transformation of how all pain and suffering is currently being addressed on our planet. That transformation has already begun and it will accelerate as awareness of its existence spreads. It is an idea whose time has come.

The CD4 Protocol represents only a small part of the total picture about to be revealed.

Q) Does the Protocol come with any kind of guarantee?

A) The Lifester CD4 Restoration Protocol is guaranteed to make a difference in the first 30 days, which are free except for a $25.00 shipping cost. The user defines what the difference is. If they believe the Protocol is making a difference they may continue on the rest of the four-month program one month at a time and determine during each month if they experience the program is making a difference.

Each month of the program is guaranteed to make a difference according to the users definition. If they don't believe it is making a difference according to their definition, they will get their money back for that month, less any shipping costs.

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