AIDS Remission

Product Overview

Product Overview

1) Lifestar CD4 Complex. 150-160 scoops per 25 ounce container, 2 containers per month usage.

• CD4 Complex is a proprietary fermented nutritional complex derived from an extensive variety of naturally occurring nutrients brought together into complementary relationships using energetic testing techniques. The combined and complementary frequencies of the nutrients help assure the maximum absorption into the blood and lymphatic systems as well as the maximum utilization of these nutrients by the different cells that recognize a need for them.

CD4 Complex usage:

5 scoops 2 times per day in water for a total of 10 scoops per day on an empty stomach.

2) Cytolog/Homeostatin Oral Spray. 200 sprays per 5 ounce bottle.

• Cytolog/Homeostatin is the worlds first and only effective infopeptide supplement and appears to contribute to a biologic-response modulation which helps recover or restore normal functional behavior of cellular immunity. It may be safely used in association with any pharmaceutical drugs without fear of adverse side effects or safety-related contraindications. Ongoing clinical studies indicate it has effective application against a broad array of progressive diseases (20 different disease categories).

Cytolog/Homeostatin Spray usage:

1 spray every 6 hours = 4 sprays per day x 31 days = 124 sprays. Need 1 bottle of Cytolog.

2 sprays every 6 hours = 8 sprays per day x 31 days = 248 sprays. Need 2 bottles of Cytolog.

3 sprays every 6 hours = 12 sprays per day x 31 days = 372 sprays. Need 3 bottles of Cytolog.