AIDS Remission

The Power of Natural vs. the Force of Unnatural.

That which is produced by Natural means has energetic qualities that the body recognizes because both are products of the wisdom of Nature. The body naturally establishes rapport with that which is natural. There are complementary energies composed of harmonious frequencies the body embraces in the same way that the sound of beautiful music is embraced by the body. There are even specific frequency ranges in music that dramatically increase the brains ability to store information that is being read from a book.

Naturally produced food, free of intrusive manipulation by man maintains complimentary frequencies the body relates to, allowing the body to naturally mediate the quantity and use of the food. To the extent there is interference by unnatural processes such as man made chemicals, forms of radiation, unnatural breeding or feeding of animals for food or unnatural genetic modification of the food, non-complimentary frequencies unfamiliar to the body, challenge the body's use of the different elements the body seeks to fulfill it physical needs. This has a similar affect on the body as noise does, as compared to the strengthening effect of music. It creates a form of malnutrition beyond the most obvious definition of the word.

Every cell in the body has the innate ability to differentiate between frequencies of all energy forms be they expressed as chemical, radiological, physical or nonphysical. The cells cannot be fooled but they can be overwhelmed sometimes to the point of malfunctioning, by almost any unnaturally produced energy form including man made chemicals.

There are occasions when the body can elevate to such an energy state as to have symptoms disappear completely, sometimes in as short a period of time as a few hours. This unexplained phenomenon has been reported to occur sometimes when someone diagnosed with Disassociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder or Split Personality) has an health challenge such as Cancer or a hard tumor disappear in a few hours after switching personalities, and having it reappear when they revert to their original personality. In fact, spontaneous remissions or recoveries from every known disease have been recorded throughout history. Even western traditional medicine has documented spontaneous remissions or cures and never really investigated them seriously as they don't fit into the traditional paradigm of modern medicine. Interestingly, it is possible to induce a higher energy state in the body at will. Many athletes that excel at their sport are known to do this and achieve breakthroughs that, sometimes were considered impossibilities. Then, there are also the stories, some documented, of mothers in their hysteria lifting a car off of their child.

And there are frequencies that the body can harmonize to, and spontaneously heal, sometimes in as short a time as a few minutes.

Perhaps nowhere else is this "extraordinary" phenomena revealed as a universal human capability that each and every human being has, as in Richard Gordon's 1999 book Quantum -Touch: The Power to Heal. Richard Gordon is recognized as one of the pioneers in the field of energy healing. His best selling book Your Healing Hands -- the Polarity Experience has been translated into nine languages and is considered a classic study in energy work.

Using the simple principles as discussed in Quantum-Touch, literally in as short a time as one day, anyone can discover and develop their innate ability to not only participate in the healing of others, but also participate in inducing their own body's healing naturally. And, like learning to ride a bicycle for the first time, you can get better as you practice. Enjoy the ride.............