AIDS Remission

The Lifestar CD4 Restoration Protocol

If you have not already been investigating the field of natural healing, we recommend you work with your health professional or do your own research so that you have some basic skills in attempting to implement these recommendations. Please be advised that the CD4 Restoration Protocol is nutritional in nature only. We cannot and do not claim this is a "cure" for any condition. It is a specific support system for providing your body with resources in its natural efforts to detoxify and establish an environment of health more likely to support the restoration and generation of healthier cells in the body. Your body knows how to do this and can do it if it has the resouces to do it with, and what is interferring with it ability to do this is significantly reduced or eliminated.

Except for making a difference, as defined by you, we make no promises of any kind nor medical claims. If you are seeking "medical advice" or "treatment", please contact your physician or qualified health practitioner.

The CD4 Restoration Protocol can be utilized by the body in a very powerful way, and it may not be appropriate for you. While this program may not work for everyone and works well for most, your special needs may need to be evaluated by a health professional familiar with natural healing and the science of Applied Kinesology.

If your evaluation is supportive of this approach and you decide to embark upon this program, you are essentially making a life-style change. It is a commitment to a way of being and a relationship with yourself and your body that supports healing and well being. This can be exciting, and it may involve making changes that take you into unfamiliar territory. So we ask you to approach this in a spirit of adventure. Be kind to yourself and find ways to make these new thoughts and ways of doing things pleasurable. Health and vitality are energy states, and it is important that you bring a consciousness of love, joy and healing energy to as much of your life as possible. Just remember that you don't have to do everything in a day. Thirty small steps in a smooth transition can represent a world of difference at the end of a month.

We thank you for the courage you are demonstrating.

Your friends at Lifestar