AIDS Remission

Initial Questions and Answers

Q) What is the Lifestar CD4 Restoration Protocol?

A) The Lifestar CD4 Restoration Protocol is a comprehensive resource system to support the body's innate ability to naturally restore itself to a state of health.

Q) How does it work?

A) It works in several ways.

  1. By raising one's consciousness regarding the disease process.
  2. By making distinctions how one may be contributing to the disease process and can choose to participate in the healing process.
  3. By minimizing and or eliminating major denatured foods and behaviors, including belief systems, that interfere with the naturally healthy state of the body.
  4. By providing naturally derived food nutrients not typically found in the average diet that address specific nutritional and energetic needs of the body.

Q) What results does the body produce on the Protocol?

A) The primary result is the T4 cells, specifically the CD4’s eject the “human immunodeficiency virus” and prevent it from reentering the cell. There are numerous other supportive responses seen which include increased liver function, and natural increases in energy, a greater sense of well being and an increase in cellular Glutathione levels.

If someone has NOT TAKEN AZT or other forms of traditional AIDS treatments including glucocorticoids , we see full recovery from final stage AIDS within 30 days with CD4's being restored to normal levels on an average of 15-25% per month.

If someone has taken AZT and Protease Inhibitors, especially glucocorticoids, the CD4's can remain low for 6 to 12 months or longer as a result of extensive damage to the body from use of the drugs. Putting anything in the body that is harmful is not consistent with helping the body heal.

Q) How do I know this program is not a fraud?

A) We are providing you with information that supports your learning how to distinguish the truth from any falsehood using an advanced Applied Kinesiological testing technique. In over 20 years of testing in thousands of applications performed in dozens of countries, when used correctly this technique has been scientifically shown to be reliably accurate . The results have been tested in replicated double-blind controlled studies by a substantial number of health professionals. Using this testing technique correctly, you can test the validity of our information, and whether the program would or would not be appropriate for your personal use. In that way, you are not relying on hearsay, value judgements, analyses, gut feelings, advice, recommendations, conclusions, peer or family pressure, hopefulness, desperation or any other justification that may or may not eventually be shown to be correct.

Learning to understand the principles outlined in this document provides to you with the means by which you may be able to detect if you're being misled. This allows you to test in advance whether it is in your highest good to buy a particular product, believe a particular statement, or follow a particular recommendation or procedure. Use your imagination and you can expand on the possibilities.

What would happen if you tested the truth of the statement “I should take the recommended pharmaceutical drug” and the answer was no? Or “my doctors advice is correct” and the answer was no? Or “my doctors advice is correct” and the answer was yes?

Other examples of declarative statements to test the truth of:

Q) What if I have additional questions or want to participate?

A) Most related questions may be addressed by calling Lifestar at 877 793-4191 during business hours from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, Pacific Standard Time. Indicate that you are calling regarding the CD4 Restoration Protocol. Calling at any other time you are likely to get our secured voice mail service with which you may leave a message.

Q) What if I don’t want anyone to know my name or anything about me?

A) We treat all client information confidentially including voice mails. All detailed information is kept in a secured computer data base requiring passwords to gain entry.