AIDS Remission

Program Guarantee

The CD4 Restoration Protocol is divided into five (5) phases.

1) Phase I (one) lasts for the first month, is free upon approval from Lifestar based on an evaluation of the applicants circumstances, verification of HIV status and is used to evaluate the ability to make a difference. There is only a $25.00 shipping and handling charge to cover shipping the products within the United States. Shipping to other locations may cost slightly more.

2) Phase II (two) lasts for the second month and is guaranteed to make a difference.

3) Phase III (three) lasts for the third month and is guaranteed to make a difference.

4) Phase IV (four) lasts for the fourth month and is guaranteed to make a difference.

5) Phase V (five) is for monthly maintenance to support and help sustain the progress made during the first four months.

When used together with the CD4 Restoration Protocol recommendations, Lifestar CD4 Complex and Cytolog, are guaranteed to make a difference.

You decide what that means!

If your experience in the first 30 days makes a difference according to your interpretation, then you have the choice of proceeding with the rest of the Protocol one Phase at a time. You may then purchase Phase II and proceed by implementing that respective Phase. On completion of Phase II and your interpretation that it is making a difference, then you have the choice to proceed with Phase III and so on. Each 30 day phase beginning with Phase II through to Phase IV of the CD4 Restoration Protocol is guaranteed to make a difference.

If you follow the nutritional and environmental recommendations made herein and do not experience them making a difference to your satisfaction in the first 30 days of use in Phase II or III or IV, your entire cost of the products for that respective phase will be refunded. You have only to call Lifestar and arrange for the return of the empty containers within 15 days following the end of the Phase I, II, III or IV, . No refund can be made without the return of the empty bottle and containers. We are trusting your integrity and your use of the CD4 program. All we ask is that you take this opportunity seriously and diligently utiliize the recommendations. Lifestar takes the financial risk out of it.

If you go off the CD4 Restoration Protocol at any time during the first four Phases, and choose to return to the Protocol after more than two weeks of absence, it may be necessary to start at the beginning of the Protocol which would lead to additional expense and valuable time.

These recommendations are not trivial, typically produce results and support the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Reducing the environmental load on the body is just as important as any other form of contribution to healing. We ask only that you seriously apply as best you can, the recommendations given here to maximize the results for yourself.

We also recommend standard laboratory tests covering the following every 2 months during the first 6 months:

  1. HIV Viral Load
  2. CD4/CD8
  3. Amylase (AMYL)
  4. Liver Test (SGOT)
  5. CBC

Please mail a copy of your test to Lifestar.

Remember to report your status back to Lifestar as often is you feel is necessary (once monthly is optimal). We need your feedback and occasionally, minor recommendations may need to be made regarding the environment, diet, emotional state, attitude, etc. As part of your support team it is important that we stay in touch and be allowed to support your body’s recovery and your efforts to regain your health and well being.