Aids Remission

Founders Statement

Power versus Force

We live in a relationship oriented reality. The quality of the relationship defines the quality of expression within the relationship. It doesn't matter if the relationship is between two human beings, a human being and a tree or a human being and God.

There are two dominant expressions of relationship by human beings on earth.

• One is the use of power.

• One is the use of force.

With few exceptions, women predominately use power and men predominately use force. While force breaks apart that which does not yield, power on the other hand, moves it. One of the differences between the two is that in breaking apart something, the point of view associated with it does not inherently change, thus perpetuating the behavior. In moving something, the point of view associated with it also moves, also freeing up additional possibilities of experience. This frees up creativity in the realm of relationships. The breaking up of the relationship is more destructive and inhibits the natural flow of creativity. Its tendency is to perpetuate that which most men long to change.

The "ability" behind both force and power is “point of view”, or that place from which one looks at something. If the point of view doesn't change, neither does the behavior that is perpetuated by the point of view.

Exercising a change in point of view releases creative expression and the possibility of bringing to the new point of view, understanding, compassion and love. It is more consistent with our birthright. As small children, we are always changing our point of view and eventually, as we learn to conform, our field of vision is narrowed down considerably. The aftermath of this is pervasive among most cultures, its influence international and its effects mostly destructive.

Generally speaking, it may be that our ability to change our point of view about that which we are relating, is the only expression of free will we seem to possess. By taking a small step to the side and looking at something from a slightly different angle, so to speak, we see more of what is there and we can more fully appreciate that which we are attempting to relate to. In that moment we can have thoughts we wouldn't think from the old point of view and we free up the possibility of seeing ourselves in a new way as well as that which is being related to.

Digging in and being obstinate regarding our point of view, trying to be right and make others wrong, dominating others to avoid being dominated all seem to be gaining more prevalence these days. A good example of what I mean are the Tim McVeigh's (Oklahoma City bomber) of the world, of which there are many, and they represent the most obstinate point of view. They're willing to take innocent lives to justify it and waste their lives defending it. From that point of view everyone loses. In the aftermath of such trauma, the common and overwhelming experience temporarily erases the gap between most people and a greater sense of community and relatedness is born. But the pain, anger and frustration may last a lifetime.

Choosing to change our point of view consistently has the power to close the gap completely. When the gap is closed we may once again experience the lack of difference between ourselves and everything else. We are at last, home.

On the path before us lie the biggest opportunity and the greatest challenge that may ever have been presented to us as human beings. For those that have recognized it and intend to meet it head on and transform it, the possibility to leave a legacy of nurturing peace and love for those who follow is there for the creation of it. There are always more solutions to the problems we perceive and there is more available to us as cocreators than we have ever imagined.

...and the children are watching.

"The Universe is run on energy. All there is, are energies interacting. It is the quality of the energy that determines the quality of experience, and if you want to transform the quality of your experience, transform the quality of the energy being brought to the experience.

War is nothing more than obstinate energy. It can occur between two people or between nations unwilling to flow appropriately. Harmony is energy conscious of what is needed.

Conscious energy does not waste itself".